Henna for eyebrows Brow Henna, Additional black color (110), vial, 10 ml

Black essence Henna is used for darkening the color. Just a few grains are necessary for a saturated color.

BH Brow Henna is a bestseller for eyebrow coloring. It not only gives the eyebrows stunning volume and expressive color, but also helps restore weak and damaged hairs.

BH Brow Henna provides optimal coloring of eyebrows and skin with a soft permanent makeup effect without the “reddish” impregnation. It consists of natural substances that help strengthen the hairs with each procedure, and contribute to the restoration of the eyebrows’ natural shape. The phenomenal fortitude of the product’s ingredients allows the henna to stay on the hairs for up to six weeks.

BH Brow Henna’s rich color palette features 12 universal shades which can be used either individually or combined with each other. You will easily find the perfect combination for any type of skin and hair color.

No hydrogen peroxide or special oxidizer is required for comfortable application of BH Brow Henna, and a convenient applicator allows you to personally regulate the amount of henna used. The BH Brow Henna set is perfect for both professional and home use. BH Brow Henna comes in a convenient package, with one bottle lasting for up to 100 colorings.



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Henna eyebrow Brow Henna Blonde № 4, Golden Blond, sachet

Henna eyebrow Brow Henna Blonde № 4, Golden Blond, sachet

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